Five-years and counting

This year we’re venturing into what it takes to succeed over a lifetime. Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise.

- Purpose driven three-day weekend -

Experience camaraderie with new and old friends among the expansive nature of Southcentral Alaska. The Kenai Cannery Lodge is the new location for this fun-filled, unpretentious retreat. Leadership comes from all levels and the connections you make at EOSC will weave together the fabric for a stronger, more resilient future for Alaska.


HEALTHY: A holistic approach is the foundation for success. Explore new fitness and nutrition techniques that can be integrated to support your lifestyle with balance. 

WEALTHY: Accrual of wealth is derived from the use, management, and allocation of your time, resources, and attention. Learn new ways to attune your lifestyle and values for an infinite supply of capacity.

WISE: Awareness is a journey that brings meaning to the day-to-day. Cultivate a practice of interpersonal skills to support you in the pursuit of your goals.   

Workshops to Include:

  • Creating Financial Projections for your Business Plan
  • Pure Barre to invigorate your day
  • Strategies to Build Highest Exit Value
  • Design Thinking through Complex Challenges for Customer Discovery
  • Bullet Journaling

    Activities Include:
  • Fireside Chat with Governor Bill Walker, APU President Dr. Bob Onders, Department of Revenue Commissioner Sheldon Fisher, and ASHNHA CEO Becky Hultberg.
  • Arctic Entries 
  • Introduction to Design Thinking